Whether you are already sending the marketing emails frequently or you just start with the email marketing for your business, it is crucial to know that emails are always the best channels to sell your product or service if you buy spam tools at good sources. The smart marketers are always looking for the different ways to build their customer relationship and increase profits. The following are the different types of email marketing which have various features and benefits. Among them, you can pick the most appropriate email marketing type according to the nature of your business.

Types of email marketing

  • Welcome emails

Welcome email messages always show better open and increase the click through rates as they provide the personal touch & introduce your business or brand without insisting on the sales. You have to simply work on providing the best first impression by just providing the information about your business to gain knowledge about you. This type of email marketing gives you more benefits such as the start of the business partnership and boost metrics. 

  • Email newsletters

Many organizations and businesses often send email newsletters to stay top of their recipient’s mind. These email newsletters are actually the foundation of your email marketing program as they are the best tools to educate prospects and your customers about your business. It provides several advantages like repurpose content, brand awareness, and diverse content.

  • Dedicated emails

The dedicated emails are also called the stand alone emails which contain information regarding only one offer. It offers advantages like easy to build emails, fast to measure, and focused call to action.

  • Lead nurturing emails

Lead nurturing emails are all about understanding the shades of your lead’s needs and timing. It introduces the tightly connected series of email messages with the logical purpose and full of the beneficial content. It is timely, automated, and highly targeted types of emails directly to your recipients. 

  • Sponsorship emails

The sponsorship email campaigns are the best component of the paid media strategy including the display ads, pay per click (PPC), affiliate advertising, mobile advertising, and etc. It is also the highly targeted email with exact ROI.

  • Transactional emails

Transactional emails are the mail messages which are activated by the particular action your connections have engaged and allow them to finish that action. They are also the type of marketing emails you receive from the ecommerce websites in order to confirm your order, provide the shipment details, and some other details about your latest purchase. These transactional emails provide you higher CTR. 

  • Re-engagement emails

If your subscribed client list has been inactive for the longer period of time, it is the best time to send out the re-engagement emails. These email messages are highly beneficial to re-establish the contacts & goodwill. You have to ask the feedback from the inactive clients for bringing your business back to their minds. If they send any response, then it is the win. They are again actively attentive of your business. This type of marketing emails provides you the benefits such as turning a loss into the win and cleans up your lists. 

  • Brand story emails

Storytelling through email messages can definitely be the most powerful tool in order to get your point across to the prospects and clients by taking benefits of the emotional response. You have to share your company profile and personal story behind your brand history. The unique story definitely attracts more amounts of audiences who will be the potential customers to your business. This type of email marketing to your company or business will definitely build the emotional connection with your customers. 

  • Review Request emails 

The business owners can send the emails to your recipients and ask them to write the genuine reviews about your company or brand. Reviews from your past customers will be very helpful to build the best credibility and also help boosting your search engine results. Reviews actually help making the unique and new content about your brand or company with the rich keywords. By this way, all businesses which utilize the benefits of marketing through the review request emails will have the advantages such as credibility and search engine optimization.